EFT Support Engineer at Interswitch Group

July 27, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Interswitch is an Africa-focused integrated digital payments and commerce company that facilitates the electronic circulation of money as well as the exchange of value between individuals and organisations on a timely and consistent basis. We started operations in 2002 as a transaction switching and electronic payments processing, and have progressively evolved into an integrated payment services company, building and managing payment infrastructure as well as delivering innovative payment products and transactional services throughout the African continent. At Interswitch, we offer unique career opportunities for individuals capable of playing key roles and adding value in an innovative and fun environment.

Job Purpose

  • Providing second-level support to financial institutions who are using Interswitch solutions running from within their site


  • Data Collection & Analysis: Works independently to collate and analyze data using pre-determined tools, methods and formats.
  • Data Management: Supports and enables others to use and benefit from existing data management systems.
  • Needs Assessment: Explores issues and/or needs to establish potential causes, related issues and barriers.
  • Recommendations: Provides advice on designing new processes and systems to achieve professional standards and desired outcomes.
  • Solutions Analysis: Analyzes specified problems and issues to find the best technical and/or professional solutions.
  • Client & Customer Management (Internal): Helps senior colleagues manage internal client and customer relationships byusing sales/client systems and protocols.
  • Insights and Reporting: Contribute to the preparation of various data and analytics reports.


  • General Education – University (First Degree).


  • General Experience – Experienced practitioner able to work unsupervised (12 months to 3 years)
  • Managerial Experience – Basic experience of coordinating the work of others (4 to 6 months).

Technical Competencies:

  • Verbal Communication: Uses clear and effective verbal communications skills without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on expressing ideas, requesting actions and formulating plans or policies.
  • Computer skills: Supports business processes without supervision by understanding and effectively using standard office equipment and standard software packages, while providing technical guidance as needed.
  • Planning and Organizing: Works with guidance (but not constant supervision) to plan, organize, prioritize and oversee activities to efficiently meet business objectives.
  • Action Planning: Works with guidance (but not constant supervision) to develop appropriate plans or perform necessary actions based on recommendations and requirements.
  • Policy and procedures: Works with guidance (but not constant supervision) to develop, monitor, interpret and understand policies and procedures, while making sure they match organizational strategies and objectives.
  • Data Collection and analysis: Works without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on analyzing data trends for use in reports to help guide decision making.
  • Reporting: Works with guidance (but not constant supervision) to create relevant, lucid and effective reports.
  • Data Management: Works under guidance (but not constant supervision) to acquire, organize, protect and process data to fulfill business objectives.
  • Interswitch Solutions: Customer Support Portal; Kimono TMS
  • EFT Software: Postilion suite; Thales solutions.

Behavioral Competencies:

  • Optimizes work processes: Knows the most effective and efficient processes to get things done, with a focus on continuous improvement. For example, uses metrics and benchmarks to monitor accuracy and quality. Takes steps to make methods productive and efficient. Promptly and effectively addresses process breakdowns.
  • Manages complexity: Makes sense of complex, high quantity, and sometimes contradictory information to effectively solve problems. For example, looks at complex issues from multiple angles; explores issues to uncover underlying issues and root causes; sees the main consequences and implications of different options.
  • Collaborates: Builds partnerships and works collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives. For example, finds many ways to add value to the team; probes to draw out richer input from others; is a valued resource who goes out of the way to help others.