Fraud Officer at Moniepoint

October 11, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Moniepoint is a financial technology company digitising Africa’s real economy by building a financial ecosystem for businesses, providing them with all the payment, banking, credit and business management tools they need to succeed.

About the role

Unauthorized transactions, fraudulent and erroneous transactions are unfortunate but common trends in financial applications. Customers erroneously transfer funds to wrong recipients, unauthorized transactions are made from customers’ accounts or unexpected system errors result in funds being in the wrong hands.

When any of these happen, there’s a need to recover funds from the affected customers or institutions, hence the need for a Fraud Officer

Fraud Officers will be responsible for tracking, monitoring and managing the recovery process for transactions in the categories listed above.

Fraud Officers will be able to analyze transactions for anomalous patterns in a bid to proactively identify erroneous transactions and take necessary actions promptly to prevent or minimize loss and reputational damage to the financial institution.

On identification of erroneous transactions via reports from external sources or observation of transactions, Fraud Officers would work with relevant institutions or customers towards funds recovery. These institutions would include banks, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

As this role involves communication with multiple stakeholders, customers and banking partners, and management of financial transactions, this role requires excellent communication skills, critical and creative thinking skills, strong analytical skills and excellent organizational skills.

Success in this role is recovering as many funds as possible, and keeping accurate records of recovery exercises.


  • Research transactional anomalies and analyze information produced to detect any patterns of unusual internal or external conduct, identify risk policy breakdowns, and recognize fraudulent activities.
  • Manages high volume caseload and investigates allegations and issues pertaining to financial fraud.
  • Documents investigations, including preliminary and final case reports, for both internal tracking and regulatory reporting purposes.
  • Maintains liaison relationship with local, state and federal Law Enforcement and prosecutes suspects that conduct criminal activity. Attends court hearings when required.
  • Works with various departments to identify and eliminate fraud in an expeditious manner to minimize loss to the Credit Union and its’ members.
  • Performs account and loan reviews of credit union members and employees as warranted to control existing fraud risks.
  • Builds relationships with Compliance and Legal Departments, effectively communicating and transferring information for case investigations.
  • Responsible for developing investigative plans, gathering and evaluating facts, conducting investigative interviews, writing investigative reports, handling calls of an emergency nature, and interacting with the law enforcement/intelligence community.
  • Effectively communicates and provides fraud/investigative reporting with team members, leaders, and others involved in the credit union system.
  • Assists team members of the front line and back-office functions with questions/concerns on identified instances of fraud or potential fraud.
  • Creates and delivers fraud training of all staff for organization-wide fraud awareness.


  • Bachelor Degree or HND in Banking or related field required
  • 2-3 years of experience in payment operations or related role is required.
  • Experience with electronic investigations including but not limited to online banking

What to expect in the hiring process

  • A preliminary phone call with the recruiter
  • An interview with the Hiring Manager..
  • An interview with a member of our Executive team.