Junior Maintenance Technician, Steam at WTS Energy

Application deadline closed.

Job Description

WTS Energy provides recruitment and manpower services for the global oil and gas and energy industries. We supply engineers and consultants to our clients’ projects and operations, and perform employment outsourcing services such as workforce management in oil and gas regions around the world. WTS Energy operates globally with offices in 14 countries and is operational in over 50 countries.

Job Description

  • Delegated authority by the MSUP to execute assigned responsibilities
  • Reporting to: SMTS
  • Note: The responsibilities include the main General and Special responsibilities listed below.
  • In addition the OIM or any superior may assign any other tasks to be performed.

General Responsibilities

To carry out:

  • Engine watches as required by the MSUP
  • Machinery operation, maintenance, bunkering, and other technical and safety work as required by the MSUP or SMTE SPECIAL RESPONSIBILITIES
  • To be familiar with rules, regulations and work procedures applicable to the assigned task or to be executed under his responsibility
  • Responsible for the routine surveillance of equipment and installations specifically assigned to him
  • Responsible for carrying out routine safety checks on equipment as required by the MSUP
  • Familiar with PTW system
  • Perform machinery maintenance work as required by MSUP or SMTE Certificates and Training
  • Officer in Charge of an engineering watch certificate, STCW95 – Ref. III/1
  • For other certificates and training, see Company Training Matrix and CBT Matrix.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Have completed combined workshop skills training and an approved seagoing service of not less than 12 months as part of an approved training programme which includes on-board training that meets the requirement of section A-III/1 of the STCW Code and is documented in an approved training record book, or otherwise have completed combined workshop skills training and an approved seagoing service of not less than 36 months of which not less than 30 months shall be seagoing service in the engine department;
  • Have performed, during the required seagoing service, engine room watch-keeping duties under the supervision of the chief engineer or a q