State Field Managers at New Incentives – 7 Openings

August 10, 2023
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

New Incentives is a pioneer in a growing movement of giving small incentives to caregivers whose infants get immunized, while increasing awareness of the health benefits of childhood vaccinations.

Job Summary

  • Responsible for overseeing and implementing program operations under the respective assigned State.
  • The State Field Manager will support project implementation in public health clinics, including facilitating technical assistance, outreach, network building, assigned budget administration, and the execution of relevant events.
  • He/she will be responsible for the overall output of operations in their state.

Key Duties and Responsibilities
State Coordination (40%):

  • myDay submissions all completed (activities, expenses, time, task reporting)
  • Manage and develop State Budget Requests based on KPI’s and in-depth understanding of outstanding issues, and recommendations from the Field Managers and Field Officers.
  • Manage Activities and KPIs (Coverage, Imm Rate, Discrepancies) within budget
  • Ensuring programs run efficiently and effectively by Modifying clinic schedule based on requests and factors (e.g. assessment of coverage)
  • Promptly resolving issues identified by the Audits & Investigation unit and console reviewers, identifying and mitigating instances of these issues at other operating clinics/LGAs
  • Work with the Operation Coordinator in collaboration with the Deputy Expansion Coordinator to develop and successfully implement the program goals.
  • Manage project timelines and effective completion of project deliverables based on the Work Plan, while ensuring timely reporting
  • Assist with budget preparation and monitoring for all project-related activities and ensure appropriate tracking of expenses based on the Work Plan.

Stakeholder Management (10%):

  • Maintain relationships with stakeholders at the State level for prompt resolution of programmatic concerns, in-person access when needed and additional representation.
  • Provide effective supply-side follow up,
  • Participate in Health Partners Meeting, Campaign Flag offs.
  • Participate in LIOs meetings,
  • Conduct monthly LGA visits to ensure LGA stakeholders are kept abreast with happenings and we are solving issues from the government side.
  • Provide weekly CCT breaches update to the stakeholders

Meetings and Trainings (20%):

  • Lead implementation of community, state, and partner events, activities, meetings, briefings, and seminars.
  • Propose quarterly and ongoing trainings to improve managers and FOs ability to detect and mitigate fraud
  • Assist with training and role playing for awareness and sensitization meetings.
  • Coordinate and participate in check-ins Meetings.
  • Represent the organization and project at meetings, conferences and other events when assigned.

Administration & Reporting (15%):

  • Ensure all Field Managers, Assistant Field Managers and Field Officers meet responsibilities for conducting in-person supervision visits, reviewing submissions and providing coaching.
  • Identify core issues affecting clinics and settlements.
  • Assess status of Unit objectives and KPIs
  • Complete review of Field Managers’ Daily Check-in to have a holistic view of clinic operations
  • Complete daily, weekly and monthly forms within timelines
  • Implement performance management system to identify best and worst performers and assist in PIP and firing of non-performers).
  • Review of discrepancies and mitigative actions to reduce (myTransfer, HR Report)
  • Develop procurement work plan, manage costs, and confirm distribution for ongoing operations
  • Ensure staff comply with the NI rules and regulations and complete assigned training within the state.
  • Address any non compliance and misconduct within the state of operation and escalate to the HR unit or audit unit where necessary.
  • Collaborate with FMs to escalate to the HR or Audit units on employee’s performances or PIP.
  • Support employees under your state where necessary to mitigate or avoid discrepancies in day to day activities.

Project & Task Management (5%):

  • Lead projects as implemented by NI leadership.
  • Assign tasks as per task management tool.
  • Advance project goals using a variety of proven research, advocacy and program implementation techniques.

Security Awareness (5%):

  • Make decisions on ad hoc security mitigation.
  • Keep Chief Operating Officer and Operations Coordinator informed of significant events and development.
  • Liaise with the Security Unit in case of critical incidents and potential deterioration of the security situation and disseminating relevant information.
  • Report all security incidents in areas of operations including incidents that do not directly affect staff and/or operations .
  • Take responsibility for personal safety and the safety of team members as applicable on the field
  • Read and understand all Security documents in the context of operations including SOPs and Country Security Plan.

Other Duties (5%):

  • As assigned by leadership (Not more than 5% of role)
  • Provide recommendations to Human Resources Managers based on feedback from Field Managers.
  • Perform other duties that may be assigned by the OC or Senior Managers.

Key Requirements
Education and Work Experience:

  • B.Sc or equivalent. Masters will be an added advantage
  • A minimum of 3 – 5 years relevant experience working in the field. It is desirable that at least 2 of these years be spent working at a senior level with a locally based or international organization.

Skills and Competencies

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills (especially in Hausa).
  • Good Budget management skill
  • Strong customer service and people management skills.
  • Strong problem solving skills.
  • High ethical standards and integrity.
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities or multitask and reports.
  • Ability to manage large team
  • Ability to handle pressure
  • Highly proactive with a very strong sense of accountability.